Collecting Custom Embroidered Patches

Many people find trading and collecting custom embroidered patches to be an entertaining hobby. Agencies around the country practice patch trading as a sign of cooperation between departments or units and the patches are kept as keepsakes.

Law enforcement, fire, and emergency service personnel often wear patches based on where they are stationed and what role they fill. Different departments within a station are usually responsible for designing their own patch. With each station having multiple patch designs, it's no surprise that collecting custom patches is popular among the employees.

Not only do law enforcement officials have patches for their station or department, they also design patches for charity or fundraising events. These tend to be rarer than others. To those who are collecting custom patches, these are highly sought after simply based on their rarity.

Boy Scout and Girl Scout patches are popular collector items as well. Scouts earn patches based on certain accomplishments and merits, and each age group has its own special patch. An event called the "Trade-O-Ree" was established to buy, sell, and trade Boy and Girl Scout memorabilia, and patches are some of the most coveted items. Many scouting patches can also be found online and in surplus stores around the country.

NASA has had an official patch for each mission since astronauts Gordon Cooper and Pete Conrad designed the first patch for the Gemini V launch in 1965. The patches used to be embroidered, but since the Apollo 1 fire that killed 3 astronauts in 1967, they are made from a non-flammable "Beta cloth" with the design screen printed onto the cloth. The support crew and other personnel are given the standard embroidered patches and these are sold as souvenirs as well. For those who collect custom patches, these are great patches to have, especially if worn by the actual people working on the mission.

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