4 embroidered patches, western boot, rising sun camp, Tulsa 66 road sign, green cartoon character sticking out its tongue

Embroidered Patches

The classic type of embroidered patches offers a blend of timeless style, excellent legibility, and economical pricing. We can craft embroidered patches to showcase virtually any logo, brand, team, name, school, or whatever else you need! We offer lots of options to make your custom embroidered patches genuinely unique.

Embroidered patches have served as an everyday accessory to raiments for centuries, dating back to royalty and military traditions from all over the world. Today embroidered patches are often used by government organizations, sports teams, and companies in the private sector to denote rank, job, specific position, or unit.

Many other organizations, especially youth groups like the scouts, often don embroidered patches as well. In the 1960s, the popular counter-cultural patches of the hippies paved the way for whole subgenres of fashion patches for decades to come. No matter your background, embroidered patches are a classic that will never go out of style. Fill out the form below to get started with your order today!

Make Your Own Embroidered Patches

Patch Size

Give us your patch HEIGHT and WIDTH to determine your patch size.

How we determine patch size for pricing purposes: If the height of your patch is 2" and the width of your patch is 4", we add 2" + 4", which equals 6". Then divide 6" by 2, which equals 3". This means the size of your 2" x 4" patch is 3".

Your Patch Size is

Choose Embroidery

Choose the option that best represents your patch design.

The background will be a solid color twill material. The percentage indicates how much of the twill patch backing is covered by your design. Our staff can help you determine the percentage that’s appropriate for your specific design.

75% Embroidery

Embroidery covers more than 50%, up to 75% of the twill backing.

Select Patch Quantity

Choose your patch quantity or enter custom quantity.

Please Choose a Patch size to See Quantity Options
Select Patch Border

Choose the border option that’s best for your design.

Merrow® Border

Merrow® sometimes called merrowed borders are the standard in the industry and are considered a classic look. For a simple, yet elegant design on your patches, Merrow® borders are the ideal choice.

Select Patch Backing

Choose the type of patch backing you require.

Standard Backing

This is simply the standard patch twill. You attach the patch to your garment by sewing it on. This is the most secure and permanent attachment style of any attachment option.

Select Additional Thread Options

Choose the option(s) that best represents your patch design

Additional Standard Thread Colors

+ 11¢ per patch

All orders include up to seven standard thread colors, free of charge. Want to include more than seven colors? No problem! We have hundreds of thread colors to choose from, meaning your patches come out looking exactly like what you had in mind.

Standard Metallic Threads

+ 20% Per Color

Great for flashy, eye-catching designs, metallic threads really help your patches stand out in a crowd. Best used sparingly, metallic threads are available in multiple colors

Neon Threads

+ 20% Per Color

Great for flashy, eye-catching designs, metallic threads really help your patches stand out in a crowd. Best used sparingly, metallic threads are available in multiple colors

3D Puff Embroidery

+ 20%

Want to make your design literally stand out? Go for 3D puff embroidery. This style uses a foam material underneath the stitching to raise the embroidery. It’s a style that’s especially good for larger patch designs such as hat patches.

Select Additional Additional Options

Additional Patch Options.

Button Loop

+ 11¢ per patch

Button loops are perfect for patches designed to hang from a button or lapel pin. They require no gluing or sewing. The only necessity is something to hang the patches from.

Design Information

Upload an image that our artists can use as a reference for your design. Include any comments that might pertain to the design or production of your patch.