3 woven patches, full color, Norse god face, dragon, army tank

Woven Patches

Are you looking for an easy way to boost the professional look of your staff and increase brand awareness at the same time? Custom name patches are the solution! A simple patch, available with a basic font and twill backing color of your choice, confirms to customers that your employees are professionals. These patches are a cost-effective way to promote your business and boost staff morale at the same time.

Custom embroidered name patches are a classic, timeless addition to uniforms. They’re almost sentimental now, reminding one of the good old days of people over profits. There is something inherently friendly about a patch emblazoned with someone’s name, erasing the boundary of social icebreakers and allowing customers and staff to chat with familiarity.

Whether it’s your grandmother’s favorite nurse or your local mechanic, name patches stick in your mind long after the interaction. Suit your staff up with their own and watch them become more than just employees. Fill out the free quote form below to get started on an order today!

Make Your Own Woven Patches

Patch Size

Give us your patch HEIGHT and WIDTH to determine your patch size.

How we determine patch size for pricing purposes: If the height of your patch is 2" and the width of your patch is 4", we add 2" + 4", which equals 6". Then divide 6" by 2, which equals 3". This means the size of your 2" x 4" patch is 3".

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Merrow® Border

Merrow® sometimes called merrowed borders are the standard in the industry and are considered a classic look. For a simple, yet elegant design on your patches, Merrow® borders are the ideal choice.

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Button Loop

+ 11¢ per patch

Button loops are perfect for patches designed to hang from a button or lapel pin. They require no gluing or sewing. The only necessity is something to hang the patches from.

Design Information

Upload an image that our artists can use as a reference for your design. Include any comments that might pertain to the design or production of your patch.