Wholesale Printed Patches

Our printed patches enable you to feature photo-realistic images on your custom patches. This style allows for extraordinary visual detail and color choices that other patch types can’t match. For the most detailed images on custom patches you can get, printed patches are the way to go.

3 printed patches, Dark Knights military patch with flying dragons, military map with flags, purple and pink nature landscape

Make Your Own Printed Patches

Patch Size

Give us your patch HEIGHT and WIDTH to determine your patch size.

How we determine patch size for pricing purposes: If the height of your patch is 2" and the width of your patch is 4", we add 2" + 4", which equals 6". Then divide 6" by 2, which equals 3". This means the size of your 2" x 4" patch is 3".

Your Patch Size
Select Patch Quantity

Choose your patch quantity or enter custom quantity.

Please Choose a Patch size to See Quantity Options
Select Patch Border

Choose the border option that’s best for your design.

Merrow® Border

Merrow® sometimes called merrowed borders are the standard in the industry and are considered a classic look. For a simple, yet elegant design on your patches, Merrow® borders are the ideal choice.

Select Patch Backing

Choose the type of patch backing you require.

Standard Backing

This is simply the standard patch twill. You attach the patch to your garment by sewing it on. This is the most secure and permanent attachment style of any attachment option.

Select Additional Additional Options

Additional Patch Options.

Button Loop

+ 11¢ per patch

Button loops are perfect for patches designed to hang from a button or lapel pin. They require no gluing or sewing. The only necessity is something to hang the patches from.

Design Information

Upload an image that our artists can use as a reference for your design. Include any comments that might pertain to the design or production of your patch.