Wholesale PVC Patches

Unlike embroidered or woven patches, PVC patches are designed to provide the wearer with an unforgettable experience. Their bright colors and soft-touch, rubber-like plastic offers outstanding crisp detail and gives your clothing a unique tactile feel!

3 PVC patches, black with red V, Handgun operator course with 2 guns and green background, Blue Seal logo with orange sun and blue wave

Make Your Own PVC Patches

Patch Size

Give us your patch HEIGHT and WIDTH to determine your patch size.

How we determine patch size for pricing purposes: If the height of your patch is 2" and the width of your patch is 4", we add 2" + 4", which equals 6". Then divide 6" by 2, which equals 3". This means the size of your 2" x 4" patch is 3".

Your Patch Size
Choose PVC Type


This is our standard PVC patch where the details and colors are separated into distinct areas.

Select Patch Quantity

Choose your patch quantity or enter custom quantity.

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Select Patch Backing

Choose the type of patch backing you require.

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Design Information

Upload an image that our artists can use as a reference for your design. Include any comments that might pertain to the design or production of your patch.