Easy Does It! Consider Custom Iron On Patches

Nov 10, 2020

Easy Does It! Consider Custom Iron On Patches

Custom patches have a variety of options to choose from. All of these unique details come together to create the perfect patch for your specific needs. Custom patches are available with several options when it comes to attachments. It's great to have options, and while the standard sew-on style is the traditional way, iron-on patches have become increasingly popular. The reasons why are quite simple too. 

Sew-on patches can be tricky to apply on your own, and iron-on patches are relatively easy to manage. They are easier to attach to any garment than other attachments and require a garment, an ironing board, and a hot iron. Easy application is what makes iron-on patches so popular. 

Just like other embroidered patches, the iron-on attachment starts with the twill backing material. The patch is created by embroidering logos, text, and more onto the twill. Once the patch is created, a heat-sensitive adhesive is added to the back before being shipped. 

Attaching iron-on patches may be easy; however, there are a few things you should know. Iron-on patches should not be applied to stretch fabric or materials that cannot tolerate high heat. Cotton is an ideal material. It can withstand heat from the iron and ensure a strong hold with the adhesive patch backing. 

For other materials, different backing styles are available and more appropriate than others. While sew-on patches can be applied to nearly any fabric, tape backing and velcro attachments are made for more flexibility. Velcro allows for quick and easy removal of patches, which is ideal for laundry and more. 

Did you know that custom iron on patches can be sewn on? This method ensures the patches will remain in place and a permanent part of a garment. The iron-on backing is used to hold the patch in place, which makes sewing the patch much easier. This combats slippings and provides a lasting hold on the garment. 

While your patch attachment is important to consider, there are several options to think about when ordering and designing custom patches. It's essential to think about the patch's shape and size, as well as embroidery thread and backing colors. 

A reputable patch supplier will be there to help you select the options that work well for your specific needs. Look for value and not just price! Any patch provider can offer a low cost, but not everyone provides quality products. 

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