Wholesale Embroidery Patches

Oct 10, 2016

Wholesale Embroidery Patches

Embroidered patches are works of art created by using a fabric backing, thread and a needle. Sewing is the most common technique used to secure the patches to a piece of fabric, but iron-on and Velcro backings are increasing in popularity. Embroidery patches are not only decoration, they serve an important purpose as well. Countries around the world purchase wholesale embroidery patches for the official uniform of their military, and many business employees wear patches with the company logo.

The art of embroidery has roots dating all the way back to the 5th century B.C. in China. Tailors who were repairing and patching clothes discovered new sewing techniques that led to the development of embroidery. In later times, especially in the Middle East, embroidered fabric was a sign of wealth and social status. Only those who could afford it would have clothing or other fabrics with embroidery, and much of the embroidered fabric was quite elaborate. Craftsmen embroidered with gold or silver, which made the fabric even more expensive and rare. Embroidery was popular on clothing, flags, handkerchiefs, bags or pouches, belts, and many other items. The basic technique of embroidery is the same today as it was when it began. Many early works of embroidery still exist today and this is a testament to the quality of embroidery.

Today, machines do the majority of commercial embroidery work. This makes it easier for companies to produce large quantities in a short amount of time. First, a patch design is loaded into the computer-controlled sewing machine using specialized software. The sewing machine stitches the basic pattern onto a piece of fabric. The sewing machine then adds textures and designs to the embroidery, and the fabric is finished. Many artisans around the world still prefer to embroider by hand as this allows for special techniques. Hand embroidered items are considered specialty items, and are usually much more expensive.

Embroidered patches can include any type of image ranging from a company logo to a picture, to a slogan or quote. While the image is not photo-realistic, the embroidery technique does offer a level of detail that allows for fine designs. All branches of the U.S. military wear patches as part of their official uniforms. Patches that designate rank, the division or unit the soldier belongs to, and the soldier's last name are all common. Many company employees also wear patches that feature the company logo, the level of training an employee has achieved, or the branch of the company an employee works for.

Embroidered patches are popular items for trading and collecting. Law enforcement and other emergency personnel often trade patches between departments and a multitude of websites exist for people of the industry to trade through. NASA mission patches are also hot items for trading. While the patches the actual crew members wear are very rare, replica patches are common items for sale or trade.

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