Fire Department Patch Design Reflects Station Pride!

Apr 12, 2017

Fire Department Patch Design Reflects Station Pride!

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Fire department patch design is an important part of station camaraderie and creativity!

Firefighters and EMS employees around the United States spend a good amount of time at the fire station during their shifts. These employees forge a strong bond of friendship that’s forged from risking their lives together in service to their community.

This bond is reflected in the logos or mascots the station designs for patches, t-shirts, and other products. Each station is proud to show off their logo to the world!

When designing their logo, fire departments often find something that’s relevant to their station or city. This isn’t always the case, however, as many stations choose something that’s funny or unique for their logo.

Take what is arguably the most famous fire department in the world: the Fire Department of the City of New York, or FDNY. Many of the individual FDNY stations have logos ranging from Popeye the sailor to a peanut for “The Nut House” to a devil girl riding a monstrous fire engine for “Hell On Wheels.” Even though they’re all part of the New York fire department, they still design individual logos for their particular station.

A common fire department patch design is the cross of St. Florian, the patron saint of firefighters. According to legend, St. Florian put out a massive fire with only a single bucket of water, saving a village from destruction. As he was to be put to death at the stake, St. Florian challenged the soldiers lighting the fire, saying “If you do, I will climb to heaven on the flames.”

Even when other designs are included, many stations find a way to incorporate the cross of St. Florian into their patch or logo. It’s an iconic design that’s instantly recognizable on firefighter memorabilia.

When it comes to fire department patch design, many stations use those same logos for their patches. Fire and EMS employees wear the patches on their uniforms for all to see, usually along with other patches that show the person’s name, rank, or certification level.

Some people, firefighters or otherwise, collect fire department patches as a hobby. A brief look around Instagram, Pinterest, and other social sites shows just how many people hold on to the patches for sentimental purposes. Collectors are usually former firefighters or have friends or family that are EMS employees, but some people enjoy collecting the patches simply because they’re cool.

There really is no limit to a fire department patch design. Here at, we’ve seen all sorts of fire and EMS patches, and they’re some of the most creative patch designs out there. Fire and EMS patches are some of our favorite types to design, and we always enjoy seeing what sort of crazy, over-the-top designs some of the stations come up with.

If you’re designing your own fire department patch, make sure you design something that reflects your station’s personality. After all, who knows? Maybe it will be the shining star of someone’s collection!