Five Things To Know About Ordering Custom Patches

Oct 26, 2020

Five Things To Know About Ordering Custom Patches

Custom patches are a versatile way to convey a message, identify staff, celebrate achievements and more. Modern technology and computer-controlled machines have made producing custom patches easier than ever. While custom patches have changed over the years, their popularity has never been greater. It’s easy to order custom patches if you consider five simple things.


Designing your patch is Step One when it comes to ordering custom patches. No matter if you have a rough sketch or idea of what you are looking for, or if you have a fully realized concept, a reputable patch provider will be able to turn your idea into terrific looking patches.


Once you have an idea of how you want your custom patches to look, it’s time to think about custom elements. With modern production methods, the sky’s the limit when it comes to custom patches. You’re no longer limited to standard geometric shapes such as squares or circles. You can customize your patch shape to match your business logo, team mascot or just about anything else you can imagine.

Adding unique details to your custom patches is sure to make them stand out, bringing awareness to your brand, company, team or organization in the process. Don't be basic. Create something that will get the point across and help spread your message!

Quality Materials

As with anything else you buy, you expect top quality when you order custom patches. Expect any reputable patch producer to use only the highest quality thread, backing, twill or ink. Be sure your chosen provider offers a quality guarantee. That will ensure your satisfaction with your custom patches.


You should be able to purchase custom patches on virtually any budget, and expect them to look good and wear well. A first-rate patch provider will always offer you their best prices up front. Don’t fall for any hidden “gotcha” pricing. Expect an accurate quote upfront, and no sneaky extras. And remember, a first rate patch provider won’t charge you for artwork or revisions.


Finally, let's talk about shipping.  Reputable patch providers will offer free shipping anywhere within the continental United States. This helps cut down on costs, allowing you to stay within your budget while still getting top quality patches.

Surely there’s one place that meets all those criteria for great patches, great prices and great service, right? You betcha! is your one-stop source for first-rate custom patches of all kinds.

Want to find out more? Get a free quote on your design or email us with any questions. We’re here to serve all your custom patch needs!