Flag Patches

Wearing American flag patches is one of the most basic ways people show patriotism. By wearing an American flag patch, you're showing your support wherever you go. Whether worn casually or as part of a uniform, the patch is a surefire way to get into a patriotic mood.

An American flag patch is a great way to add flavor to any kind of outfit. A flag patch is perfect for a uniform or jacket to give it that extra kick. Having a flag patch can take a plain piece of clothing and make it patriotic in no time flat.

Often bikers choose to wear an American flag patch on their vests or jackets as a way to show that they love their country. Even though they may be considered "rebels," the bikers still like to show their patriotism. Many bikers are veterans who served in the armed forces and are very devoted to their country. Along with a flag patch, these bikers will often wear other patches that show the branch of the military they served in, or which war they fought in.

Many professions use an American flag patch as part of their uniform. Firefighters and law enforcement officers are examples of this. Emergency medical responders often have a flag patch on their uniforms as well. The flag is a great addition to the other patches on the uniform that show which department or station that person works for.

The American flag patch doesn't just have to be the standard rectangle design either. It can be shown waving or it can be printed backwards to simulate blowing in the wind. The version of the American flag patch on military uniforms can be different as well. For battle dress uniforms, the flag is in colors that match the camouflage of the uniform.

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