Girl Scout Patches

The Girl Scout organization develops life skills in girls and strengthens values such as character, compassion, confidence, and honesty. Girl Scout patches are badges that a scout can wear when she accomplishes a goal.

There are multiple routes a scout can take to earn Girl Scout patches. Programs that promote environmental awareness or programs that encourage artistic talents are just a few examples of the different choices that a scout can choose. These programs help scouts build skills that are useful in all walks of life as they grow older.

The Girl Scouts are an organization with plenty of history, and celebrated their 100th anniversary in 2012. Juliette Gordon Low formed the Girl Scouts in 1912 after living in London and seeing the success of scouting programs there. She dreamed of having something for girls that would be comparable to the Boy Scout program. She held the first troop meeting in Savannah, Georgia with 18 girls. Low wanted an organization that would take girls out of their sheltered home environments to serve the community and develop self-reliance and resourcefulness.

Girl Scout patches are symbols that show the achievements a scout has reached. Girls can earn patches through meeting goals from a variety of activities. Each age group of the Girl Scouts has their own special Girl Scout patches. Within each age group are sets of activities and each activity has its own patch. Once a girl earns a patch she can then display it on a sash that she wears over her uniform.

Girl Scout patches aren't just for activities either. Certain ceremonies and summits also have patches or badges. While some of these are not official Girl Scout patches, many scouts keep them as collectibles or to trade with others.

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