Selecting Custom Patch Attachment Methods

Jul 2, 2018

Selecting Custom Patch Attachment Methods

Choosing the right way to attach patches to a uniform, jacket or other garment doesn’t have to be complicated. Selecting custom patch attachment methods is as easy as considering how you want to wear the patch. It’s not hard to determine the perfect way to attach your patches, whether sew on, iron on, tape, button loop or other styles.

Consider What The Patch Is For

The most important step in deciding the best way to attach your custom patches is to determine what you want them to do. If you want to attach them permanently to the garment, sew on or iron on is the way to go. If you need to be able to remove and reattach patches, go with hook and loop fasteners. For a quick, temporary patch, tape backing works just fine. Your custom patch provider can help you choose the right attachment method for your specific needs.

Attachment Methods Defined

Sew on patches are the most basic means to attach patches to garments, and the most permanent. Your patch provider will send you patches with no other attachments or provisions. Position them on the garment, then sew into place, either by hand or with a sewing machine. Once in place, you can count on them staying there for the life of the garment itself.

Iron on patches are designed to make attachment fast and easy. Made with a heat-sensitive adhesive on the back, iron on patches can be attached with a hot iron or garment press. While considered permanent, it’s not as durable as sewn on patches.

It’s possible to add a rigid plastic backing to either iron on or sew on patches. This helps your patches retain their shape by giving them extra support.
If you need to position your patches precisely, with truly permanent attachment, you can combine iron on and sew on attachment methods. Take an iron on patch and attach it to your garment in that way. Then your patch is perfectly positioned, and won’t slip out of place when you sew it on. Once the patch is sewn into place, it’s attached permanently. It’s the best of both worlds.

Velcro® patches add hook-and-loop fasteners to the back of the patch. One side of the fastener is attached to the back of the patch, while the other is sewn onto the garment. You can remove patches quickly and easily. This attachment method is perfect for military or police uniforms or other situations where patches might need to be removed or interchanged frequently.

Button loops are nothing more than a fabric loop at the top of patches, allowing them to hang from a lapel pin or garment button. With no sewing or gluing necessary, they can be removed and transferred between garments quickly and easily.

Tape backing is designed for non-permanent, easily removable applications. It’s best for quick, limited-use applications such as attaching patches to a specific outfit or costume.

Trust Your Patch Provider

No matter what attachment method you need for your custom patches, your patch provider can help you determine which one works best. Depend on them to listen to you and understand your specific patch needs and guide you the right solution.