Wholesale Iron-On Patches

Iron-on patches are popular across the world as an easy means to convey a message or to show support of a group or person. No sewing skills are necessary to secure the patch onto an article of clothing or other fabric, and because of this, wholesale iron-on patches are one of the most common items purchased and sold in many countries.

Iron-on patches have an embroidered logo, picture, or saying on the front, and the back is a type of glue that melts when exposed to a strong heat source. Holding the patch under an iron for about 30 seconds melts the glue and secures the patch to the surface. Once the glue cools after two to three minutes, the process is finished.

Patch designs can typically be anything that a person can dream up. Slogans for a company or club, a logo of an organization, a famous quote, or military units or divisions are all popular patch designs. Charity organizations will often make patches for their members or to give to donors. Bands or other musical groups will have patches to give or sell to fans. Many bikers wear patches on their jackets or vests that show which club they belong to or what kind of motorcycle they ride. Have a design in mind? Start designing your custom iron-on patch now!

Replica military patches are always popular items as well. Each branch of the U.S. military all have different patches. Many divisions and units have patches as part of their uniforms and these patches are popular among collectors. Patches that soldiers wore in combat are even more valuable to collectors. Military patches usually feature the name or number of a unit along with the unit logo. The logos range from an animal such as an eagle or elephant to a vehicle or weapon that is relevant to the unit.

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