Woven Patches vs. Embroidered Patches – Which Should I Choose?

Apr 19, 2017

Woven Patches vs. Embroidered Patches – Which Should I Choose?

When you’re shopping for custom patches, you might wonder which patch type – woven or embroidered – is best for your needs. When it comes to woven patches vs. embroidered patches, there are specific situations where each have their advantages.

Let’s take a look at the primary differences between the two patch types. Woven patches are thread only, sewn in a continuous pattern. They have a smooth, flat appearance.

Embroidered patches, in contrast, are sewn onto a twill backing material. The embroidery creates a raised texture above the backing. This creates a clear, strong look if the patch is large enough. But for smaller patches with highly detailed logos or text, embroidery can be problematic.

Because of the way the stitches are created, intricate details can become muddled or even illegible on small embroidered patches. If you need a lot of detail in a small space, woven patches are a better way to go.

Because woven patches can use thinner thread, they allow greater detail in a smaller area. Small woven patches can even approach photo-realistic art if you want to showcase faces, color gradients or detailed backgrounds. Such realism is generally possibly with embroidered designs only on much larger patches. Woven designs allow a smaller text font, while maintaining legibility. If you have a lot of text and need a small patch, they’re absolutely the way to go.

So it would appear that Round One of custom woven patches vs. embroidered patches would go to the woven style. But wait – we’re not finished yet. There are other areas in which embroidered patches have a clear advantage as well.

Start with the appearance. Woven patches, by their nature, are a flat, two-dimensional style. Embroidered patches, because of their raised thread, create a more three-dimensional look that offers depth and a classic appearance.

Embroidered patches have long been the more popular style. For patch collectors and those with multiple custom patches on a jacket, say, woven patches will look out of place. While it’s perfectly acceptable to mix the two styles, it does create a distinctive juxtaposition when the two are placed side by side.

Another factor to consider is the number of colors in your design. Due to the nature of the machinery used in production, woven patches are limited to a maximum of 8 colors. Embroidered patches can include up to 24 colors total, giving you more flexibility if you need lots of color.

Ultimately the question of woven patches vs. embroidered patches comes down to personal choice of the buyer. You know what you want your patches to look like. You know which style your organization traditionally prefers.

At Wholesale-Patches, we offer both embroidered and woven patches. Our artists can advise you which patch style is right for your needs. No matter which you select, you can depend on us for the highest quality, best looking patches you can buy, backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. We look forward to serving all your custom patch needs!